An Interactive Session on the project "Know Your Trees"

An exclusive webinar was organized for all private schools by AMPS,on the topic “know Your Trees” which was scheduled on Saturday,24th September 2022 at 11:00am.The session was presided over by the resource person Ms.Kavitha Patel,coordinator of Kavi Bharthi Vidyalaya. She explained everything about the booklet that was given for the project. Facilitators from various schools got their doubts clarified related to the project and Ms.kavitha answered each one of them clearly.
The webinar was really helpful for each one of us to understand clearly about the project.It was also very well organised and we’ll hosted by the teachers of Kavi Bharthi Vidyalaya under the guidance of our principal ma’am Ms.Vijayalakshmi.It was an exemplary effort by the AMPS for providing learning opportunities through such platforms.