Annual Report

ANNUAL REPORT – 2022 – 2023

On behalf of Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya I take the pleasure in presenting the annual report of 2020 – 2021 and 2021 – 2022.
Our vision of being a creative school with a difference has been fulfilled through the untiring efforts of all our stakeholders. It is my honour to facilitate how KBV provide holistic education while ensuring all round development of our students, in setting the highest levels of moral standards and values.
Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya was established on 24th June 1991 with a strength of just 54 students and 14 teachers. I am happy to inform you that now our family has expanded to a total strength of 1207 students and 63 teachers.
With a brag on, I feel ecstatic to say that under the innovative futuristic vision of our Correspondent, Mr. A. T.B. Bose, one more gem gilded in the crown of Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya with the inauguration of Senior Secondary on 14th July, 2022.

Board Exam

Our KBV, class 10 students of academic years 2019 -2020 and 2020 – 21 have passed the exam with flying colours. With proud and pomp, I am exhilarated to say that we had 100% result for the 13th consecutive year. The achievement made by our students will be showcased when they receive their medals from the chief guest.
The year 2020 was truly an unprecedented time in our country. The COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the world and like any critical sector, education has been hit hard.
By the amazing hard work and dedication of our incredible teachers we continued to move the needle on online education. The paradigm shift in teacher’s teaching method from physical classes to online class is laudable.
The isolation in students during COVID – 19, was abducted by the online teaching. Our teachers not only covered the scholastic areas but also the co- scholastic areas like PT, Art and Craft. I am grateful to have such wonderful team of teachers. They stood up and made the Pandemic into a successful and fruitful academic year.

“Team Project Fosters New Dream”. Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a dynamic classroom pedagogy working on the principle of learning by doing. These projects explicitly reflected upon the learners’ research work, inquiry-based thinking, innovative ideas, analysis, and application-based learnings.
(PPT of each project class wise)

During online sessions, various tests were assigned in the form of Google forms. The periodic tests were conducted online to assess whether the learning objectives were achieved or not.
Final examination for the academic year 2020-2021, was conducted as per the guidelines and instructions from CBSE.
The academic year 2021-2022 commenced with the exclusive online classes initially and later, gradually moved on to a hybrid mode of classes owing to the norms and constant change of the government.
Education just like other fields saw rapid technological adaptation in the wake of the global pandemic. As educator’s world over were struggling, many found innovative and creative use of the available apps and technology to be used in classes to make them immersive, interactive, and application-based. And we, as an institution, proudly embraced, adapted, and evolved in the process. The fascinating world of AR (Augmented Reality) VR (Virtual Reality) and Simulation Teaching were brought into virtual classrooms to inspire students’ creativity and spark their imaginations thus moving learning beyond four walls not only of the school but their homes.
To inculcate the leadership qualities among students, our school, Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya, organised the School Induction Ceremony Virtually on 7th August 2021 in which the students from classes 3 to 10 participated and cast their votes. A google Form was sent to the students to elect their leaders for the academic year 2021-22. The elected students are, (PPT with photos).
Our class parents system serves as a body that supports and helps us on our journey of continuous improvement and provides us constant feedback. They observe classes and participate in all functions. All of you has just now witnessed their participation in today’s annual day


The school supports a plethora of activities across the year. The same ranges from sports to cultural (music, dance) oratory (speech, elocution, declamation) and creativity. Many competitions were held both physically and virtually to engage the children in this regard. (PPT with short details)
Festivals & Special Days
Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya, gives due recognition to significant global events like Children’s day, Republic day, Independence Day, Interschool competitions, Pongal & Various workshops and many other events. Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya never gets to miss to celebrate these days. (PPT with short details).

Empowerment programs

Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya believes in updating our teachers knowledge by sponsoring them to attend various programs. (PPT with short details)
Eventually, KBV ensures that the footprint of every child who embark on the goodness of the vision of the school may instil in the heart and soul with unforgettable memories.
As we have just passed through the unprecedented crisis, we are confident that we will overcome all the odds by our strong will and ethics and pave the way for the betterment of education.
Thank You.