Class XI – Field trip Day 1

Day 1 – 18th October 2022

On 18.11.2022 planned to visit the Egmore museum, Egmore fine arts college and Egmore Connemara library. Our primary interest is to find out more information on artifacts. In five building students visited the sculpture gallery, science gallery, ethology and folk religion gallery and finally contemporary art gallery located near children museum. When the portrait of emperor, modern Indian painting of various artist and Indian miniature painting were displayed. The masterpiece of eminent albums are well presented in the collections.

After this we went to Egmore Fine Arts College. We visited the ceramics, painting, viscom, textile and sculpture department where the professor and students explained about the process and techniques of different medium and our students had a glance at the work progress in deriving design, working on layout and the final sketch. At the end the study tour was concluded well and fi8ne. The children gave feedback about the study tour.

Day 2 – 19th October 2022

The school had organized an “Educational tour” to IIT Madras – Department of Humanities and Social sciences on Wednesday the 19th October 2022 with a well planned itenery and schedules; comprising of 5 teachers and 34 class XI students that includes 3 teachers and 3 students from NMS, Madurai. The trip had begun at sharp 08:10 am and concluded dispersal by 07:30 pm.

The highlights of the said day’s programme in the campus had ignited the minds of the children to a large extent. The various sessions and different professors had also multiplied the thirst in them to a greater level. Several courses and many more career options were widely deliberated that broadened their focus to a higher limit.

Apart from enabling children onto cultivating knowledge, the management had opened avenues to explore themselves in inculcating a wide range of experiences as so to make right choices in their later stage of studies so also to make their dreams work while to shaping a bright futuristic scope.

Day 3 – 20th October 2022

                Organised a workshop for class 11 students on the topic “Learning how to learn” by     Dr. Bhanu Shankar. Students totally enjoyed the workshop. Lots of hands-on activities made our students ask for the workshop once again. Most of our students and all NSM girls gave their feedback. The workshop focused on time management, planning, presentation, future plans, story writing and many more.