Literary club
The Literary Club not only aims in refining the literary skills of the students but also helps them develop logical reasoning and curiosity, to learn more and to instill in them the confidence to communicate better. Various activities like debate, JAM, role-play are conducted to enrich the language skills of the students.
Science club
The Science club provides opportunities to learners to explore the various aspects of science. It also helps learners to change their attitude towards science, technology and engineering. It also develops the interest in the practical application of knowledge related to different branches of science. Students will have hands on experience with fun-filled activities, experiments and quizzes.
Math club
Math club raises the profile of Math as a subject, increases engagement and shows children that Math can be playful, exciting and full of wonders. Holding a weekly Math club helps us to take off our curriculum jacket and work more informally with children while engaging them in a variety of activities for mathematical sense- making.
Gavel club
Gavel club provides’ Toastmasters experience to students of classes VI to VIII. The club activities develop better communication skills and boost their self-confidence.
Gavel club focuses on effective and efficient communication. It not only helps the students to overcome nervousness when speaking but also helps to organize and present ideas logically and convincingly. All these skills are necessary for earning a living in today’s competitive job market, but are also essential for maintaining healthy and personal relationships to achieve their goals.
Karuna Club
The Karuna Club provides a holistic approach towards life, in instilling the right attitude and positive thinking. With today’s emphasis on accumulation of wealth as the key to success, a little thought is given to issues like protection of environment, conservation of nature, respect for senior citizens and other deprived sections of the society. The Karuna club conducts various programs for children to increase their awareness on these issues.