KBV has a well qualified and experienced administrative team.
Mr. A.T.B. Bose – Correspondent is a graduate in Engineering. He is in the field of education for nearly 50 years. He has authored Tamil and Maths Text books for primary classes titled ‘தமிழ் அமிழ்தம்’ and ‘Real Life Mathematics’. He has developed more than 50 math learning manipulatives and has conducted regular workshops for math teachers all over India. He is assisted with a team of professionals industrialist and business magnets who attend regular executive meetings and give valuable inputs.
Ms. Vijayalakshmi Raja is a post graduate in English literature who has 21 years of experience in the field of education. She holds a bachelor's degree in Education and a diploma in Montessori.

She likes to teach literature and grammar.

Besides teaching, she loves to conduct activities and organizing events. Her repertoire includes various curricula such as the CBSE, Matriculation and IGCSE programmes.

She is an eloquent speaker, singer and likes to write poems and songs for children.

She has pursued an online course in EDX in association with Harvard University in ‘Exercising Leadership and Foundational Principles’

Our teachers

Recruitment of teachers is made through screening of talents, temperament, efficiency and competency of the candidates in their area of specialization and fields of interest. Selected teachers are put through induction course followed by orientation programmes and in-service training in order to make them passionate, update their subject knowledge and teaching methodology. Our teachers are trained not only to excel in academic sphere, but also to translate the school’s aims and objectives into tangible reality.


Sl. NoTeachers NameQualification
1Mrs. Kamala Kumari RM.A., Dip in Mont., M.Ed.,
2Mrs. Kalaiselvi PB.A., Mont Trained., D.El.Ed.,
3Mrs. Dhanalekshmi SM.A., Dip in Mont., D.El.Ed.,
4Mrs. Jennifer RB.A., Dip in Mont., B.Ed.,
5Mrs. Dhana KumariM.A., Dip in Mont., B.Ed.,
6Mrs. Padmavathy NM.A., D.T.Ed.,
7Mrs. Nirmala PM.A., D.El.Ed.,


Sl. NoTeachers NameQualification
1Mrs. Vijayalakshmi R (Principal)M.A., B.Ed., Dip in Mont.,
2Ms. Mary Emilda Preethi FernandoB.com., Adv. Dip. In Mont, NTT
3Mrs. Porkodi PM.A., B.Ed.,
4Mrs. Hari Priya TM.A., B.Ed.,
5Mrs. Chitra KM.A., B.Ed.,
6Ms. Anieta Agnes BM.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.,
7Mrs. Christy Azariah AM.A., B.Ed.,
8Ms. Priyanka BM.A., B.Ed
9Mrs. Muthulakshmi BalakumarB.A., B.Ed., D.El.Ed.,
10Mrs. Sahaya Bruno IBA., D.T.Ed.,
11Mrs. Shirlyjenifer VBA., B.Ed., D.T.Ed.,


Sl. NoTeachers NameQualification
1Mrs. Sumathi SM.A., M.A., B.Ed.,
2Mrs. Gumutha AM.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.,
3Mrs. Lingaselvam VaikundasureshM.A., D.T.Ed., B.Ed.,
4Mrs. Vanisree GopalakrishnanM.A., B.Ed.,
5Mrs. Nansirani KM.A., M. Phill., M.Ed.,
6Mrs. Anitha DM.A., B.Ed.,


Sl. NoTeachers NameQualification
1Mrs. Monica VM.Sc., B.Ed.,
2Mrs. Vishnupriya AnbazhaganM.Sc., B.Ed.,
3Ms. Deepika DuarimaniM.Sc., B.Ed.,
4Mrs. Nanthini MM.Sc., B.Ed.,
5Ms. Divya MB.Sc., B.Ed.,
6Mrs. Dhanalakshmi MB.Sc., B.Ed., Adv. Dip. In Mont
7Ms. Kalaivani SrinivasanM.Sc., B.Ed.,
8Mrs. Nagalavanya VM.Sc., B.Ed., D.T.Ed.,
9Mr. Jesuraj SM.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.,
10Mrs. Evangeline Rose D SM.Sc., B.Ed.,


Sl. NoTeachers NameQualification
1Mrs. Umamageswari SB.Sc., M.A., B.Ed.,
2Mrs. Kavitha PB.Sc., Dip in Mont., B.Ed.,
3Mrs. Sabitha TM.Sc., B.Ed.,
4Mrs. Sulthana Begum SM.Sc., B.Ed.,
5Mrs. Gayathri VM.Sc., Dip in Mont., M.Ed.,
6Mrs. Mahalakshmi MM.Sc., D.El.Ed.,
7Ms. Priyanga MoorthyB.Sc., B.Ed.,
8Mrs. Lakshna Sree GM.Sc., B.Ed.,
9Ms. Maniangelinejenifer AmritharajM.Sc., B.Ed.,
10Mrs. Abitha KB.Sc., B.Ed., B.A.,


Sl. NoTeachers NameQualification
1Mrs. Priya SM.B.A., D.El.Ed.,
2Mrs. Angeline Helen Christina RM.A., B.Ed.,
3Mrs. Bragadha CB.A., B.Ed., Dip in Optometry
4Mr. Thangamani M SM.A., M.Ed.,


Sl. NoTeachers NameQualification
1Mr. Rajeshkhanna Sainath RaoM.Com., B.Ed., CA (Inter)


Sl. NoTeachers NameQualification
1Mrs. Anitha ChinnaduraiM.A., D.El.Ed.,
2Mrs. Jayanthi RM.A., M.A., B.Ed.,


Sl. NoTeachers NameQualification
1Mrs. Dharmadevi SM.Sc., M.Ed.,
2Mrs. Hemapriya MM.Sc., M.Phil., D.El.Ed.,
3Mrs. Bagavath Sri SB.E., M.Tech., B.Ed.,


Sl. NoTeachers NameQualification
1Mrs. Sarala Devi SelvarajM.Sc., TTC.,


Sl. NoTeachers NameQualification
1Ms. Jayabharathi JB.Sc., Dip in Fine Arts
2Mr. Rajan DevendiranM.F.A.,
3Mrs. Sharon Subi SB.V.A.,


Sl. NoTeachers NameQualification
1Mr. Murugan KumarB.Sc., B.P.Ed.,
2Ms. Geetha SiluvapichaiB.Sc., B.P.Ed., PG Dip. In Yoga


Sl. NoStaff NameQualification
1Mrs. Karpagam ChandrasekarB.Com., MLIS.,


Sl. NoStaff NameQualification
1Mrs. Lalitha Rani JM.Sc., B.Ed.,
2Mrs. Rony ShajiB.Com., Tally.,
3Mrs. Kamakshi KB.Com. MCA., D.El.Ed., PGDCA.,
4Mrs. Jansi Rani KBBA.,
5Mrs. Thenmozhi RajamanickamB.Com., DTP.,
6Ms. Saranya DB.Com., MBA., CMA (Inter), Tally.,
7Mrs. Sudha CB.Com., Tally.,
8Ms. Revathy LM.Sc.,
9Mrs. Nagalatha DB.com., ADTP & Multimedia


Sl. NoStaff Name
1Mrs. Josephinmary Irudhayam
2Mrs. Selvi Rajamani
3Mrs. Banumathi A
4Mrs. Shanmugavalli S
5Mrs. Rajakumari P
6Mrs. Bakkiyam B
7Mrs. Kala M
8Mrs. Nagavalli J
9Mrs. Selvi Pannirselvam
10Mrs. Ramamma M
11Mrs. Murugeshwari Munusamy
12Mrs. Penchilamma Ramanarao
13Mrs. Arulmary B
14Mrs. Nirmala D
15Mrs. Tirupati Tulasamma


Sl. NoNameQualification
1Mrs. I. KamakshiB.Com.PGDCA.DTP & Multimedia


Sl. NoNameQualification
1Mrs. I. KamakshiB.Com.PGDCA.DTP & Multimedia