Field Trip - Class VI - Sea Shell Museum

On August 22, 2023, class 6 students of Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya went on a field trip to the Mahabalipuram Sea Shell Museum. Five teachers and two non-teaching staff members escorted about 87 students. We had a great time dancing with the teachers while we were on the bus. We had one of our greatest experiences ever at that time. We were stunned by the Shell Museum’s size and beauty as soon as we got off the bus. We learned a lot and then reached Pearl Museum; there are so many different kinds to address, and we took notes on everything. Teachers and students really entered into Shell Shore. We then proceeded to the dinosaur park, which had an authentic appearance.

We made contact with them. By making sacred contact with the lobster and starfish, we were able to experience this. Next, we continued on to the jewellery store, which had an incredible selection of pearls and seashells. In addition to buying our parents a lot of stuff, we also gave our friends a lot of gifts. We enjoyed ourselves, and one of the incharges gave us a clear explanation about pearls and how they are used to preserve special items. The second-largest shell museum in the world is the Sea Shell Museum.

Being there to witness those things made us feel proud. Together with our teachers, we snapped pictures. When I finally made it to the 3D area, it was so realistic. Our journey came to an end with happiness and fun. Finally, we reached school at 5:30 pm, we had a great time.