Field Trip Class VII - VGP Marine Kingdom

Students of VII grade were taken on a field trip. The place chosen was VGP Marine Kingdom at ECR. Students were assembled on the school campus at 6.30 AM. The bus started around 7.30 a.m. Initially, we started with morning prayer. Children had a great time on the bus while traveling. The children had a wonderful time. We reached the destination sharply at 10 o’clock. The infrastructure structure of the Marine Kingdom was amazing. Children saw Oceanic set up. They learned about the different zones present in the ocean, like rainwater, coastal, saline, etc. About 300–500 species of fish were kept in the aquarium. Students had a good experience viewing different colored aquatic animals. They learned about the eating, respiration, and reproduction processes of the various fish. They also got to know about the survival of these fish in an artificial setting. Four faculty members of the aquarium accompanied the children and explained the species.

We spent more than 3 hours inside the aquarium. About 2 million liters of water are supplied daily through the tunnel, which has been constructed with a greater number of decorative materials to bring the original scene of the ocean alive. Having all our blissful memories, we returned to our school around 3 o’clock safely.