Field Trip Class VIII - Silk Weaving Farm

“Field trips are powerful learning experiences but it is easy for them to pass quickly. Maximizing the learning requires thoughtful work done before and after the trip”.

Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya organized field trip for class VIII students to silk weaving farm, Kanchipuram on 30.8.23. Our primary interest was to learn more about the sericulture and the silk weaving farm.

We began our educational trip at 6.30am with 96 students in two buses. We reached Kanchipuram around 9.30am and visited the silk weaving farm of Pachaiyappas silks, Sri ram silks and many others etc where the famous kanchipuram silk sarees are woven.

The silk weaving takes place at the central courtyard and was a fascinating process to watch. Elaborate and beautiful, each sari was made of three shuttles and the trademarks gold Zari and the pallu were attached to the body separately.

Then we visited the sericulture farm where the silkworms were cultivated to extract silk and the processes involved like cultivation of mulberry trees, rearing of silkworm on mulberry leaves to produce cocoons, silk reeling and weaving.

Our students enjoyed seeing the worms and placing it in their hands .They also interacted with the workers in the farm and understood the process of
rearing silkworm very well.