Fit India Movement

1)Yoga in morning assembly

Every day 15 minutes students and teachers do exercise in the assembly.

It is yoga/free hand exercise/clapping exercise/meditation etc.


2)Activity on Nutrition:

Parent and child demonstrated on a healthy food that can be made by students themselves

and carry as a snacks.The nutritive value of each ingredient used was explained.


1)As part of sports day practice students had free hand exercise during drill.


2)Mental fitness activities like meditation for students and seminars on stress management for staff

was conducted

1)School students were already enrolled for Khelo India Assessment in APP

2)Poster making competition on “Fit Body”-Fit mind-Fit environment” was held and prizes were given



1)In curriculum physical activities such as dance,yoga,martial arts like silambam and karate are

included.students participate with full enthusiasm

2)Essay writing competition was held and the best essay was displayed in notice board nad prizes were

1)sports Quiz was organised where learning among students were assessed.questions on need

for fitness,sports personalities,hours of daily exercise,nutrition etc were asked

1)Competition of indigenous game like hopping chae(Nondi/Pandi,nongu vandi),ice apple fruit cart etc

was conducted for students

Ice fruit cart

2)Cooking without fire competition for grandparents and child was also held. Bonding with grand parents was evident.