The school is located in a sprawling 1.08-acre land on Thiruvottriyur High Road, Chennai – 600 019 with a frontage of 47.5 m. It has all required infrastructure as envisaged in the vision and mission statements.

Air-conditioning is provided only wherever is required; because the school believes that along with education, students must learn the importance of adaptability in life. Students should be prepared for real life, right from the beginning; so bearing some hardship such as heat and sweat to an extent will be rewarding for them.

The school building is divided into three blocks – South, North and West.

  • The Ground floor has two Lower kindergarten classes, Junior English lab and a multimedia hall. Besides there are two rooms to store Physical Education equipment, a stationery room and an office room.
  • The First floor has reception area, a conference hall, Principal and Secretary rooms, office, Junior Computer lab and Creative lab. Besides there are two discussion rooms.
  • The Second floor has library and reading room. Besides counselling room and a room for accounts.
  • Every classroom is a library by itself. They will have easily accessible cabinets that are filled with books; they are actually a storage of knowledge.
  • The Ground floor has four classrooms, toilets and the Montessori lab.
  • The First floor has four classrooms, staff room, toilets and Senior English lab.
  • The Second floor has four classrooms, staff room, toilets and Senior Computer lab.
  • The Third floor has four classrooms and Mathematics lab.
    • The Ground floor has four classrooms, toilets and the Dance room.
    • The First floor has four classrooms, staff room, toilets and Social studies lab.
    • The Second floor has four classrooms, staff room, toilets and Art & Craft studio.
    • The Third floor has four classrooms and Science lab.
    • An outdoor auditorium cum basket ball court is housed in-between South and North blocks.
  • Multimedia room is air-conditioned and acoustically designed.
  • Dance room is air-conditioned; with wooden floor, mirrored walls and good music system.
  • Junior and senior Computer labs are air-conditioned, and equipped with latest systems.
  • Math lab is air-conditioned, and filled with Ramanujan Museum & Math Education Centre designed math learning instrument.
  • Junior and Senior English labs are air-conditioned, and fitted with audio and interactive board.
  • Library is large and air-conditioned for comfortable and silent reading.
  • Conference hall is air-conditioned for purposeful discussion.
  • Modern Science lab with latest equipment will encourage students to experiment, explore and discover.
  • Art & Craft studio with apt furniture and tools provide right mood to be expressive.
  • Creative lab filled with gadgets will bring out inner talents.
  • Classrooms are equipped with stylish and comfortable furniture.
  • Each classroom will have a digital board, ample storage cabinets, display boards and library of its own.

Restrooms are adequate, well ventilated and available in ground, first and second floors of South and North blocks.

  • They are spacious and fitted with hygienic ‘Toto’ sanitary wares.
  • ‘Kimberly-Clark’ soap dispensers and ‘Dyson’ air blades will develop habit of washing hands hygienically.
  • Granite flooring and quality white tiles provide neat and clean atmosphere.


The bright, airy and spacious classrooms provide the children a comfortable setting for interacting with the teacher. All classrooms are in the two blocks- the northern wing and southern wing

on both sides. Unique furniture is designed exclusively keeping students age and comfort in mind. They are well fixed to the ground with good spacing to allow free movement by both teachers and



The air conditioned hall with cushion chairs,writing pads, smart interactive board ,LCD projector provides a comfortable learning environment. Lessons taught to the students are presented to

them here, so that the children get a better and more practical approach to them.




The Science Lab, Math Lab, English Lab and Computer Lab of the school supplement practical knowledge to the children. They are equipped with specially designed tables , interactive smart board, LCD projector and audio system.



The Kavi Bharathi Library is rich with over 8000 books in various subjects and languages. The children are encouraged to read books and magazines to improve their reading skills as well as general knowledge.



The school canteen provides children with healthy and hygienic food and snacks.


Ample open space in the front for various games and a basket ball court at the back.

Front ground
BasketBall court

Art room

A room with special work counter and furniture that provides a suitable space for students to try their hand at various art forms.

Computer lab


Montessori lab

English lab

Math lab

Dance room