ISA Project

Subject: Explore the folklore – Haripriya

The project was taken up for kindergarten classes.
Tha main of the project is to share the folklore of different countries ,improve the communication skills, develop creativity and imagination and to impart the moral values among the children

Subject: DOT TO DOT – -Linking Art & Math (Ms.Elamathi)

The project was done by the students of eighthstandard.
The main purpose of the project is to explore amth in art by observing art work around the world, develop drawing skills, critical thinking to appreciate the use of mathematical knowledge in art forms in the day to day life.

Subject: Tradition Food of Different Countries- Ms. Gayatri

The main aim of the project is to know about the traditional food and its nutrient valueto bring in variety in daily life food and to know the Medicinal value of species used in cooking in India and other countries. This activity was done for classes learnt the importance of balanced diet for a healthy life.

Subject: A zoom ride -Ms.Dorothy Deepa

The aim of the project is to make the children know about the advancement in transportation in India with partner countries like USA,UK,China ,Cambodia,Japan and Honkong. This Activity was done for students of classes V and VI they learnt the need for transportation and ecofriendly-vehicles.

Subject: Earthly Paradise -Ms.Datchayani

The project Earthly paradise was selected for grade I and II. The activity aims at making the learners aware of the different kinds of houses in various countries in relation to the topography and climate conditions and in the materials being used by countries .It also develops enquiry based learning and creative skills of students and students are able to explain different style of houses.

Subject: Global Governance – Ms. Angelina

The aim of the project is to understand and appreciate our national goals and ideals as a democratic country.Develop the feeling of global citizenship with sense of responsibilities .Appreciate the ways of governance in countries of study and how democracy is different from other forms of government.

The ultimate aim of the activity is to Know about universal martial arts