Kartika Deepam

Our school, Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya, leads the younger generation to absorb the fact that customs, traditions and rituals are practised for the sheer prosperity of man and their livelihood. Having conceived this magnanimous thought, the school prompted the students to bring two new diyas for the Kartika Deepam celebration and invited the parents along with their children to light the lamps of new hope in everyone’s life flourishing the livelihood of potters and lamp oil traders. On Friday, the 3rd December of 2022, the Principal Vijayalakshmi Raja welcomed the parents and students and directed them to light the diyas with the help of the teachers at 6 p.m. The rays of the lamps tore the sheet of darkness and transmitted a whiff of heavenly bliss. The campus bloomed with streaks of happiness, laughter and tranquility. Thus, the Kartika Deepam celebration implanted its real purpose in the spectators.