Parental Co-Operation

  • Parents are not allowed to walk into any class to talk to teachers during school hours. Those who wish to know about the progress of their child may meet the teachers concerned after taking permission from the Principal.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate in the working of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline and by taking general interest in their child’s progress.
  • Parents must get medical checkup done for their children once a year and the reports must be submitted to school.
  • Parent Teacher Meeting will be held FOUR times in a year. Parents/Guardian are requested to attend the same without fail. A fine of Rs.50/- will be charged if a parent does not attend the Parent Teacher Meeting. Regular default may lead to the dismissal of their ward.
  • Progress report will be issued at the end of each term. Parents/Guardian are requested to sign and return the same within TWO days. Lost progress report will be replaced at a cost of Rs. 50/-
  • Private tuitions after school hours are strictly discouraged. Parents must encourage their children to study on their own. School teachers are not permitted to give private coaching to the students of the school. In exceptional cases, the Principal may be contacted to arrange for special coaching.
  • Parents/Guardian are not allowed to meet their children or teachers during school hours.
  • Parents are expected to ensure that their ward is punctual and regular to school.
  • Parent are expected to check that their ward is in full uniform every day.