School Uniform Policy

Our school uniform policy is based on the notion that a school uniform promotes a sense of pride in the school, looks smart and is practical and makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance.

KG classes:

No specific dress code for LKG children except that

  • The dress material they wear must be made of cool cotton fabric
  • They must wear white canvas shoes with Velcro strap and a pair of white cotton socks.

School Uniform

  • Plain Pinkish to beige
  • Thin-red to green
  • One pocket on the right with red to green.

Shirts for Boys and Girls of all Classes:

  • Plain pinkish coloured shirt with half sleeves
  • Thin red stripes at the edge of the sleeve
  • One pocket on the right with red inner fold
  • Collar with inner red folds
  • The neckline fit should enable the child to turn the head side to side without rubbing against the neckline fabric
  • Button straps with inner red folds
  • The shirt length must be at least 150 mm below the waistline so that the shirttails stay neatly tucked in
  • Dress material must be made of 60% cool cotton + 40% viscous
  • A logo is required on the pocket, but is not required on any other item of clothing.

Shoes and Socks:

  • Brown canvas shoes
  • Pink cotton socks with brown stripes.
  • Customized shoes and socks with green stripes.

Sports Uniform:

  • On all Wednesday & Saturday

When is a Uniform Required?

Students are required to wear the uniform to school on all working days. They must wear the uniform when representing the school at events off school property. Students are at all times ambassadors for the school, and never more so than when larger groups are on school trips. The children should wear the uniform with pride, as it identifies them as pupils of Kavi Bharathi Vidhyalya, a school with a difference.

Finally, pupils should wear the PE uniform when they are representing Kavi Bharathi Vidhyalya at inter-school sporting events.

Jewellery & Make-up:

  • No gold or silver jewellery of any sort should be worn to school
  • Pupils with pierced ears may wear ONE pair of small, simple stud earrings. Pupils MUST be able to remove these by themselves so that they can take part in Physical Education periods
  • For safety reasons, children must not wear rings to school
  • Simple wrist watches are permitted from Class IX, but are bought to school at pupils’ own risk
  • Long hair is to be tied back and should be trimmed once in a month
  • Children must not wear make-up or nail polish
  • The nails should be cut once in week.

What kind of Clothes are not allowed?

  • The shoes children wear should be sensible for both learning and play time, so strapless shoes, sandals made of plastic or rubber and shoes with high heels are not allowed
  • Shorts and Bermuda are not acceptable for trousers
  • Jeans with torn openings
  • Tight leggings.

The Role of Parents

We ask all parents who send their children to Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya to support the school uniform policy. We believe that parents have a duty to send their children correctly dressed and ready for work. One of the responsibilities of parents is to ensure that their child has the correct uniform, and that it is clean and in good repair. Parents should understand that school uniform policy helps children to dress sensibly, in clothing that is hard wearing, safe and practical.