What makes us different


Teaching is not natural but learning is natural, so we select the best available teachers. Provide them in-house and outsourced orientation. Encourage them to attend seminars and conferences. We turn every stone to motivate and equip themselves to meet the challenge. As a result, our teacher’s role shifts from ‘I am here to teach’ to ‘I am here to facilitate’. With this approach, comes a new individualized teacher-student relationship and a desire in teachers to encourage inquiry and curiosity.

Similarly, our teacher in the role of an assessor, uses assessment not just to test how well content is learned, but to understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual student. This information will enable the teacher to plan future classroom activities.

Student teacher ratio

Only 36 students in each class and the teacher student ratio will be below 1: 20. On the whole the school environment will provide effective ‘Differential’ learning centres where children will enjoy to learn without any pressure. We can assure that your child simply loves to be a part of the family called ‘Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya’ and blossom into an adult who will be the leader of the field, which he or she chooses. Besides they will be a good and responsible person to his or her parents and the country.

Class Parent System

The school has a unique ‘Class Parent’ system. Every year two parents per section of a class will be nominated and act as class parents. As a class parent, you are entitled to observe a class and report to the Principal about your views. Your other roles will be enunciated by the Principal.
A parent can always meet the Principal on a specified time of the day. There will be four parent teachers’ meetings in a year. If you wish to meet your class teacher any day in-between, you may do so with prior permission from the Principal.


Mother is the best and first teacher of a child, then comes the father; finally, the teacher and the belief in God. Every parent wants their child to speak in good and fluent English; parents should realize speaking in English alone is not acquiring knowledge. English is only a language that helps in the process of learning. The school will create an English speaking environment, but that is not enough; we believe that as Parents you have a very important role to play.

  • Read English newspapers along with your child.
  • Watch English news daily along with your child.
  • Watch good English movies once a week with your child, such as ‘Gandhi’, ‘Life of Pi’ and so on.
  • Watch Discovery Science programmes.
  • Weekly once, take your child to a good library and develop reading habit.
  • Buy your child at least one good book a week and encourage bedtime reading.
  • On a weekend, ask your child to narrate the story read by him or her; remember, narration can be in English or in mother tongue.
  • All other time speak with your child only in your mother tongue; this will develop observation and thinking skills.
  • Quality time spent with your child and weekly outings are very essential.
  • Holidays is the best time to take them to different places and enjoy nature.
  • Mark the dates of the school calendar; never miss any school activity.